About Bloom Regulatory 

Natural Cosmetics

Bloom Regulatory offers regulatory and strategic support to companies offering cosmetics via a new global approach to regulatory consultancy.


We look beyond regulatory affairs and consider other key challenges and opportunities to provide bespoke solutions to companies in a world of increasing commercial pressures.

Our approach has been designed with a view to optimise cost and speed up time-to-market by anticipating regulatory and trade barriers. 


We also specialise in advising and assisting cosmetic and personal care companies looking to compliment their ranges with food/beauty supplements.


Cosmetic Store
Herbal Medicine
A global approach to regulatory consultancy tacking into account:
Supply Chain Considerations
Regulatory Landscape
Cosmetics Industry Landscape
Legislative Landscape
Trade Challenges
Lab Work

Bloom Regulatory Ltd

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Bloom Regulatory Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 11785071


+44(0)78 83 888 576


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