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Bloom Regulatory will provide additional support to PAGB

Bloom Regulatory is working with PAGB, the consumer healthcare association to provide additional support on food supplements advertising and regulation to PAGB members. Bloom Regulatory is an associate member of PAGB.

PAGB, the consumer healthcare association, represents the manufacturers of branded OTC medicines, self care medical devices and food supplements in the UK. It provides copy clearance and advice on promotional materials for food supplements products to companies in membership helping brands produce creative and compliant promotional materials. PAGB issues detailed guidance which explains and interprets the legislation relevant to food supplements advertising to support members when planning and developing marketing campaigns.

PAGB members also benefit from regulatory support on food supplements issues, packaging, claims and ingredients challenges. PAGB aims to empower self care by being the expert voice of the industry. It works closely with regulators, Government and other stakeholders on big ticket issues such as regulatory requirements following the UK’s exit from the EU.

If you have food supplements products or are considering expanding into this area, contact to find out how PAGB can support you via its membership or consultancy services.

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