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Day in the life of a Cosmetic Regulatory Affairs Administrator

People are often curious about what I mean when I tell them that my career is in regulatory affairs of cosmetics. Even people in the cosmetic industry I call close friends are always amazed by what I do on a day-to-day basis. I work with a small team but that does not mean we do not do amazing work. Here’s what a day in the life of a full time Regulatory Affairs Administrator looks like:

9:00- I usually start my day with everyone’s favourite thing to do, a little bit of admin.

This is typically checking and responding to emails. I also look into the new legislations for both the U.K. and EU daily to make sure I stay on top of any new publishings as these are the main regions our clients market in.

9:30- Team meetings are important for us as we all work from home.

This is our way of staying connected but also to discuss our daily tasks and any priority projects. We love collaborating with each other as it’s important to get different perspectives and establish positions on topics that could potentially cause conflict within the industry.

10:00- Label review for an innovative skincare start-up

It is always important to review labels before they are printed to make sure all mandatory information will be on pack. Usually the brand will also take on our other various offerings for label reviews. Depending on the markets the client wants to sell in, correct INCI listing is important as well as recycling sorting instructions. To avoid risking noncompliance, examining claims helps to make sure there is nothing borderline. There is more to a label than the consumer thinks! I will assess all of these and offer my suggestions on amendments if necessary.

12:00- Watch social media videos for a well-known haircare line

When it comes to successful marketing, it is always important to stay compliant on social media. This includes not making any medicinal claims and only stating truthful and honest details about the product(s) being advertised. Before posting on socials, some brands will utilise our expertise so they do not receive any bad press on their post.

1-2- Lunch time

2:00- Research on a new concept for a luxury brand

Sometimes brands come to us with groundbreaking ideas and ask us to give our input on regulatory issues that may arise. With big projects like this, as a team, we research based on the regions that the brand would like to sell in for optimum support. This allows us to give a depth of advice for our client and allows them to choose the risk they would like to take in some markets. These niche topics are always interesting to discover.

3:30- Compile a claims catalogue on acceptable claims for a world renowned cosmetic company

Most people have heard of blacklist ingredients, but brands are also wanting to have a list of claims to avoid. Usually, this is to do with the variation in regions on acceptable claims. I will check regulations in the regions the client is interested in and confirm if the claim is suitable or not.

4:30- Finish the day

At the end of the day I like to wrap up with making sure I track the time I have worked on certain tasks, ensuring I have replied to all emails, and scheduling my plans for the next day so I can stay on track of my responsibilities.

Every day is different and the tasks for our clients are forever changing which constantly strengthens my knowledge in this industry. I am also lucky enough to work with a supportive team who are always there to help if I need it. All in all, the experience I gain from working at Bloom will forever be beneficial for me.

Bloom is hiring for another regulatory position and applications close on the 11th of August- so remember to apply! Check out the advert for a more thorough list of regulatory support we offer and to see if this could be the right fit for you.

Written by Ember Bryant

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