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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Like so many organisations, we’ve relied heavily on video call meetings over recent months, becoming regular users of Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. It’s kept us in touch with each other, with longstanding industry colleagues and clients and allowed us to ‘meet’ new colleagues and forge new relationships too.

Three of these have been especially important to us as we share the same objectives: high regulatory affairs expertise and ensuring that consumers have access to compliant and innovative goods.

Back in May we became an associate member of the Proprietary Association of Great Britain (#PAGB) to support and inform the work we do on beauty (food) supplements. The PAGB is particularly active on Brexit and the future UK regulatory landscape.

In June we began our #PrimaryAuthority Partnership with Hertfordshire Trading Standards covering our work with consumer goods such as cosmetics, food supplements and general products.

In July we started a new collaboration with the Korea Cosmetics Association (#KCA) and are now listed on their website as a contact point to support their members’ export.

We very much look forward to working with these three organisations in the future.

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