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Skin Microbiome and Healthy Ageing initiative

We would like to inform you that Bloom Regulatory Ltd has been appointed as an advisory board member of the Skin Microbiome and Healthy Ageing initiative (SMiHA).

SMIHA is a new network of scientists from across the UK, including the Universities of Manchester, Bradford, Liverpool, East Anglia and Queen Mary (London), that has been launched to study how ageing is influenced by skin bacteria.

This network is part of the UK Ageing Network which encompasses several interdisciplinary research networks to create new knowledge and better outcomes for older people.

Bloom Regulatory Ltd will be advising the network with regard to regulatory challenges and opportunities.

The aims of this network is to: · Create a virtual UK centre for skin microbiome in healthy ageing research - dedicated webpage & social media hub for communication to researchers in academia, industry and the ageing community · Provide a non-commercial outlook to the skin microbiome and its role in ageing, and local and systemic disease to the public: - vehicle for sharing best practices and for researcher exchange · Explore with partners how to expand skin microbiome sampling into age specific cohorts - identify chronological changes in the skin microbiome as a predictor of age & biomarker of healthy ageing · Establishment of a UK microbial biobank, (Ethical Tissue, Bradford) · Delivery of project & training opportunities for ECRs generating an expansion in the research base · Establish a resilient research base in skin microbiome for healthy ageing - a life beyond the project · Expand and incorporate more members with the goal of understanding the ageing microbiome to translate this to better outcomes and quality of life for the general population. · Work with stakeholders to deliver to the needs of industry and healthcare sectors

A sandpit event will be open to all stakeholders in Manchester on 19 May. The sandpit will be a problem led discussion, allowing members to network, problem solve issues within the area of the Microbiome in skin ageing and also guide the network into how to reach our goals.

If you are interested to attend this event or wants to know more about this initiative please contact us (

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