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Bloom Regulatory Ltd delivers bespoke and strategic advice to achieve long term compliance and to anticipate upcoming regulatory and trade barriers. Our 4 steps approach is designed to established an internal regulatory management model that will optimise cost, speed up time-to-market and support growth.  



Understanding the business growth strategy as well as the capability and constraints (supply chain, logistics, trade, regulatory challenges …).

Step 2

Performing an initial regulatory fitness check to understand the current state of compliance and identifying the current strength and weakness of the business in addressing  compliance challenges.

Step 3

Providing a compliance strategy to ensure the most cost effective regulatory management. 

Step 4

Supporting business to address regulatory challenges. Anticipating regulatory changes to be ahead of the future challenges and to identify opportunities.


We know that not every business is the same and not everyone will be looking to move through all 4 steps. By offering bespoke solutions we are able to design the best pathway approach for your individual business.


We strongly believe that underpinning future compliance, growth and sustainability there has to be robust regulatory processes able to adapt quickly to an ever-changing landscape. Key to this is an understanding of the current standards of the business.

Cosmetic Products

Our comprehensive regulatory fitness check takes a deep dive in to the compliance of the existing company portfolio and the supporting internal processes.


Looking at aspects such as product safety, compliance, claims, advertising and how industry reputational issues are managed, the fitness check provides reassurance of the current regulatory compliance but also serves to identify areas of risk to the business that may need future development.

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